Acne Remedies

With acne, your follicles (often referred to as pores) are essentially clogged, making it a great place for acne bacteria to thrive. The follicles become clogged due to overproduction of sebum (oil) mixed with the build-up of dead skin cells within the follicle.

The causes of acne are many, including stress, nutrition, hormones, touching or picking the skin, excessive drying from over cleansing or abrasive scrubbing, use of cosmetics containing irritants.

Rhonda Allison Acne Care Systems use only the most advanced, results-oriented ingredients to provide antibacterial, antiseptic, and germicidal benefits. By blending the natural actives from ingredients such as mandelic acid, salicylic acid, totarol, green tea, phytic, and pyruvic acid, benzoyl peroxide and lactic acid, Rhonda Allison has been able to focus on three major steps (removing blockages, killing bacteria and reducing sebum production) to aid in the clearing and healing of problematic and acne conditions for disease-free, healthy-looking skin.