Have complexion you have always wanted?  How do you keep it?

Just a few suggestions:

  1. Get a facial at least once a quarter – if you are following a home care regimen designed for your skin and have not developed some new skin issue. More often if you begin to have problems.
  1. Always use a physical sunblock – use it year round because we are exposed to damaging UVA and UVB rays all year long. Be sure that you remove that sunblock each night before bed. You should never sleep in a sunblock containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Great during the day, but bad at night!
  1. It is often advisable to switch some of your skin care products seasonally. That super rich moisturizer you use during the winter may not be the right product for a hot summer.
  1. Add coconut oil to your beauty regimen. Cook with it or add a spoonful to your smoothie. Use it or products that contain it on your skin.

Coconut oil is a great make-up remover, even for stubborn eye make-up and it       moisturizes the eye area while removing your make-up. Used on the skin, coconut oil forms a barrier that prevents water loss thus increasing hydration. That is especially important at night when tests have shown our skin loses a significant amount of moisture. Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids and feeds and softens our skin even while we sleep.

Need an easy to make at home body scrub that doesn’t have all the harmful stuff in it?  Mix salt or sugar in coconut oil and scrub away.  It will exfoliate and leave you with a glowing, polished skin (from the salt or sugar) and one that is thoroughly moisturized (from the coconut oil).

    Your diet is important. Drink lots of water.  It flushes out impurities from your body and allows skin cells to look plump, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Choose locally sourced fresh produce and eat seasonally. When it is fresh, it is at the top of it’s nutritional value. Brightly colored fruit and vegetables are high in anti-oxidants, as are dark leafy greens. Feed your skin from the inside out. You’ll look and feel better.
  1. Don’t touch your face! Think where those hands have been today. Try to break the habit of resting your chin on your hand. All that does is transfer the dirt and oil from your hands to your complexion. Blackheads are formed when dirt and oil get trapped in the pore.  If you are constantly touching your face, you are adding to that problem. Consider how dirty your cell phone is as well.  Placing it on your face transfers all that gunk right on to your skin. Clean the screen at least daily and more often if it gets dirty or oily.

And don’t pick! If you must pop that zit, do it after your shower when your skin is warm and clean. Wrap your fingers with a piece of gauze and gently push out the contents of the zit.  If you have to work hard to get it out – leave it alone! Be sure to use an anti-bacterial lotion or toner to reduce the chance of spreading bacteria from that zit to other places on your skin.

The key to keep your skin glowing is consistency.  Work with your esthetician to develop a skin care regimen that fits your life style.  If you know that your busy schedule will not allow for that extra few minutes every day for a beauty treatment, share that info and work out a program that fits your schedule and keeps your skin in good shape. Save the more time consuming processes for evenings or weekends when you have some free time to devote to yourself.