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Facials do more than cleanse your skin, though they do that too. The treatments and products utilized hydrate, exfoliate dead skin cells and feed your skin with the nutrients needed to keep that healthy, youthful glow.

Facials from $75

Corrective Facials from $125

Facial with Microderm $85



Progressive peels are very beneficial for many skin types and conditions such as hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, acne, sun damage, and photo aging. They utilize the application of a variety of solutions to remove the damaged outer layer of skin cells from your skins surface. The progressive nature of the treatment is gentle and there generally is no down time associated with these treatments since they do not cause immediate exfoliation. Mild skin sloughing occurs as the treatments are repeated. By removing the buildup of dead skin cells and stimulating the regenerative process, you will notice marked improvement in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, the texture and tone of the skin, hydration and reduced pore size. The overall appearance of your skin will be healthier.

Progressive Peels one – $110

Progressive Peels series of three – $300

Mid Depth Peels – includes a Post Peel Nourishing Facial – $150

LED Light Treatments

LED Light Treatments

LED Therapy (Light Emitting Diode)

LED Light Treatments – Want to regain that smooth, plump complexion of your youth? Have a few “spots” you’d like to get rid of? Breakouts a problem? Then LED therapy might be for you.

LED light therapy is a 20 minute, painless, relaxing, non-invasive skin-care treatment that has multiple benefits—particularly stimulating collagen and treating mild to moderate acne.  LED treatments work by using an array of bright light-emitting diodes (originally developed by NASA) that send low-level light energy into the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Red light LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagenwhich gives young skin its plump look, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, treats sun-damage.
  • Blue light LED works by killing Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria that lives below the surface of the skin and is responsible for acne.
  • Green light LED reduces hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, and reduces existing discoloration resulting in a more even appearance of skin tone.
  • Yellow light LED improves oxygenation of skin cells and replenishes energy to the cells, reduces pigment, promotes lymphatic detox, and improves skin texture.
  • Cyan (light blue) LED enhances cell energy and promotes skin cell metabolism, the synthesis of protein and collagen.
  • White light LED improves the appearance of sagging skin and promotes tissue strength.
  • Red light LED stimulates the production of collagen, essential for repairing damaged skin tissue and improving skin texture.

LED Therapy (Light Emitting Diode) – $35

Series of 6 treatments – $250



Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive treatment that uses a diamond-tip wand that is gently moved across your skin to exfoliate while an attached vacuum simultaneously suctions away dead or loosened skin cells. This type of skin rejuvenation is used to exfoliate the skin, resulting in a brighter complexion. It can reduce light scarring, uneven skin tone, clogged pores, sun damage, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion improves the results gained from using anti-aging and skin-bleaching products allowing the products to penetrate the skin more easily.

Single treatment – $85

Series of 3 – $170

Series of 6 – $300

Therapeutic Treatments

Therapeutic Treatments

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency is a type of energy, which is measured in “frequency,” or wavelengths per second. All types of energy, from the sound waves your iPod emits, to sunlight, to the heat coming off your body, to highly radioactive gamma rays, are classified according to their frequency on the “electromagnetic spectrum.

Like any form of energy, RF has the capacity to produce heat and work by heating the skin’s deeper layers to induce new collagen and elastin production and encourage cell turnover, helping skin become firmer, thicker and more youthful-looking.

An advantage of using RF to heat tissues, as opposed to lasers (which use higher-frequency light waves), is that the lower frequency of RF can safely penetrate to a deeper level, helping to improve skin tone and structure, even lifting tissues. Lasers for the most part work to improve the skin’s surface. Moreover, RF can safely treat more patients with different skin tones without risking permanent discoloration.

Along with effectively lifting and tightening tissues without surgery or downtime, one of the greatest benefits of RF treatments, when performed correctly, is that post-procedure recovery is very quick and easy. Side effects are typically minimal and short-lived, limited to mild and temporary swelling, redness, and tingling, depending on the treatment. RF treatments can also be performed safely in tandem with injectables, microneedling, or other minimally-invasive treatments.

High Frequency

Widely used by prestigious spas and professional salons throughout the world as an important component of many skin care treatment regimens, procedures and programs. Its many benefits range from treating acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, dark under eye circles, cellulite and even in some cases thinning hair.  

All high frequency facial machines function by using a glass high frequency electrode which comes in many different shapes and sizes to treat various contours of the face and body. When applied to the surface of the skin, a mild electrical current passes through the neon or argon gas filled glass electrode causing it to submit a subtle glow and buzzing noise. The electrodes produce either a neon red/orange light or violet/blue light depending on the inert gas that they are filled with.

All high frequency facial machines function by using a glass high frequency electrode which comes in many different shapes and sizes to treat various contours of the face and body. When applied to the surface of the skin, a mild electrical current passes through the neon or argon gas filled glass electrode causing it to submit a subtle glow and buzzing noise. The electrodes produce either a neon red/orange light or violet/blue light depending on the inert gas that they are filled.

During the high frequency treatment enriched oxygen molecules are produced which have an anti-bacterial action as well as a “natural” thermal tissue warming. That reaction causes a natural contraction of underlying blood vessels and in tiny muscle groups which push away toxins, while the cells in your skin are enriched with nutrients and hydrating volume. This in turn creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal that aids in the support of increased levels of collagen and elastin. The skin is left feeling instantly energized, rosy, firm refreshed and noticeably softer- even after just one treatment!



Microcurrent is a clinically tested therapeutic treatment and one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry. It is used in top spas and medical offices for facial contouring, toning and firming of aging skin. Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural current and can provide both instant and cumulative anti-aging results. Because microcurrent works sub-sensory, the treatment is soothing and most clients feel nothing at all.

Microcurrent is a safe and effective technology for clients who wish to attain and maintain a healthier, younger looking appearance. The results can be so dramatic that microcurrent therapy treatments are often referred to as the” lunch time face lift”.

Microcurrent is capable of facial stimulation, sending soft, gentle waves through the skin, tissues and down to the facial muscles. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production. ATP is known as Adenosine triphosphate which drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, and is the biochemical way to store and use energy.

This increased ATP also energizes the facial muscles, similar to how exercise energizes the muscles of our bodies. Unlike anywhere else on the body, the facial muscles are directly connected to the skin, so the result of energizing the muscle is often an improved, lifted appearance.



Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)

Collagen Induction Thereapy (Microneedling) is the creation of micro injuries to the skin’s surface using a pen-like device which pricks the top layer of the skin for the purposes of rejuvenation. The micro injuries create channels in the skin’s surface allowing for deeper penetration of anti-aging products and increasing collagen production.  Some results are immediate; your skin will look plump, pink and luminous.  But the long term results can be amazing, increasing both collagen and elastin production after only a few treatments, resulting in skin that is firmer, more even in tone and texture.

A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin a few minutes before the procedure, reducing the chance of discomfort. Treatment is completed with the application of a serum and a soothing mask.

Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling) – from $150



Epidermal Leveling (Dermaplaning)

Epidermal Leveling (Dermaplaning) is a simple and safe method of exfoliating the top layer of the skin, taking away excess dry, dead skin layers that cause the skin to appear sallow and dull, revealing the vibrant, supple skin underneath. That annoying “peach fuzz” on your cheeks that prevents a smooth make-up application is also removed by dermaplaning.  Using a small, fine blade the layers of dead skin cells are precisely shaved away, providing an immediate renewal of the skin’s surface and a reduction in the appearance of:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • acne scars
  • surface irregularities
  • hyperpigmentation

Epidermal leveling promotes cellular turnover, stimulates cell growth and improves microcirculation as well as allowing better product penetration.

Epidermal Leveling (Dermaplaning) – from $100

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